Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eligible student?
Alberta Education defines eligible students for transportation funding as those residing greater than 2.39 km from their designated school.

What is an ineligible student?
An ineligible student is one who lives less than 2.4 km away from his/her designated school. If an ineligible student wishes to access EICS’ transportation, he/she is automatically subject to a Payride fee.

What is a designated school?
The Board of Trustees designates schools for students by creating attendance boundaries. Students are directed to attend their designated school. (maps available at

What is a School of Choice student?
A "School of Choice" student is defined as one who attends an EICS school other than his/her designated school.

Students who attend a language or language immersion program are not considered "School of Choice" students because, as per Alberta Education guidelines, the school providing the program automatically becomes the child’s designated school.

** Students wishing to access transportation to a "School of Choice" are automatically subject to a "School of Choice" fee, in addition to a Payride fee if they are ineligible.

How does EICS determine the rates for student transportation fees?
Alberta Education provides transportation funding for all eligible students to receive free transportation to their designated school. EICS’ Student Transportation provides a service to students in the division by offering to occupy bus seats which are not required by eligible students.
Payride fees are based on reasonableness of costs to parents, not on actual costs or funding rates incurred as this would make the cost of Payride services prohibitive. EICS charges a fee to transport students who are ineligible, students attending a school of choice, ECS students requiring noon busing and non-resident students.

How do I pay my fees and when are they due?
Fees are due by June 30th each year, prior to the year for which you require transportation services. Payment can be made by accessing the student portal via Powerschool or in person at the EICS Transportation Office. Method of payments: VISA, Mastercard, direct debit or cash. Cheques are not an accepted method of payment.

Fees paid after June 30th will be subject to a late payment penalty.

What can I do to help prepare my child for a safe, responsible and enjoyable bus riding experience?
We encourage you to watch a School Bus Safety video with your child.  This video, which was produced by Edmonton Catholic Schools, is posted on YouTube at: